Monday, January 25, 2010

My Wrist.

I havent been on for a while and I am sad that I havent been able to cook nor bake. Ive been relying on food being delivered to me or picked up by my hubby.

Yes I decided that I needed to fracture my wrist in three life was getting a bit boring so I thought Id spice it up by injuring myself. Ive been depending on wine and pain killers to get me thru this. Im going nuts not being able to take a shower with out a plastic bag tagging along....or not being able to zip up my pants...its fun walking around with my fly open wide for all to see until I find a helping hand.

I appreciate my limbs, I wish they showed me the same amount of love and appreciation. I guess I should give my arm a brake...haha.... it has provided me a handy carrier for my purse.

I'll be back on soon..... love and cheers!

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