Sunday, January 3, 2010

Farmers Market Fun Day Sunday

What a perfect cold & blistery day to get bundled up and head to the farmers market. The "Wild Wild West" farmers market is very small, but I have a since of obligation to these people who show up rain or shine to make the day a success for local shoppers, like me. I just love the quaintness of its location and the warmth of the farmers and vendors.

Today I spoke to Cindy from the Herb Cottage...she grows an amazing array of herbs, vegetables and different types of plants. This spring she inspired me to grow my own herbs and veggies. I do have a perfect spot behind my garage, so thats my plan, very excited for that....she has a monthly newsletter that helps newbies like me and full timers, her website has tons of information, and a pictorial visit of her farm: . She chooses an herb a month to discuss in her newsletter, she also mentioned that 2010 is the year of the Dill herb, who knew???!!! She was more then willing to share some valuable information on making my herb box, Im very excited about this. And of course I will continue to go to her for advice and help. Thank you Cindy!

Ok you've heard me talk about the Grape Pie and Cake. Its simply to die for....when I first heard about this grape pie, I wasn't sure that I heard right, Grape Pie?? who on earth makes a grape pie....and how can it possibly fit into a pie. Boy was I 100% wrong, grapes belong in a pie. It has the perfect amount of sweetness, and a crumbly crust that falls apart perfectly in your cant go wrong with this pie. Ralph and Joyce have a vineyard in Matagorda Tx. they'll be at the farmers market every other Sunday...and you better get there early because the pie and cakes go flying off into the Texas Sky as fast as they put them on the table.
I bought one for my dear friend who couldnt go with me today, she keeps thanking me :)
she really should be thanking Ralph and Joyce for such a perfect pie!!

Now we got to talk about the meat Guy (I forgot his name) :) If I'm going to buy meat, I try only to go local. Ive been buying my families meat from Ranchers Meats, Inc. very good meat if your a meat eater. They are a state of Texas inspected plant, you can be assured the meat is processed under the most stringent food safety regulations. And most important to me all animals are processed under strict humane standards. Please visit their website and only buy local grown and processed meat products.
they also have fresh eggs and honey.

There's many vendors and farmers that I've bought from before, but today I kept it simple....... I'll share with you my other findings the next time I go Local :) I hope I inspired you to find a local Farmers Market, I know you'll find something that'll make your day a better one...even if its just a sweet farmers smile......ENJOY!!!

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