Monday, December 28, 2009

Moms Recipe Box and the Iron Chef

I was so excited when I came across my moms vintage orange flowered recipe box, it must have slipped in with my stuff during my move to Texas. :) As I was thumbing through the faded index cards with my moms hand written recipes on them..Memories came rushing back to me eating my mothers amazingly delicious Apple Pie with Flaky Cheddar Cheese Crust and my Great Great Grandmas 100 year old Soft Ginger Cake.... so yummy.
Im going to make these two amazing desserts in honor of my mother and Great Great Grandmother, in fact im going to use my GGG recipe to create an amazing Cup Cake with my Cream Cheese Frosting. YUMMERS!!!! I'll post pictures and the recipe for my Mothers Pie. I'll Probably keep my GGG Cake recipe a family secret.

OK OK!!! SO Excited. On January 3rd a few of my favorite Chefs will be challenged on the IRON CHEF. Im counting the days....each commercial gives me chills of excitement....I have an addiction and I dont plan on finding a cure for recovery anytime soon. And if a family member attempts to form an intervention, Cupcakes will be thrown :) So until then.......

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